... providing long lasting & new age “GREEN” solution to ageing Infrastructure.

The following values are followed in all operations with regard to customers, Environment and Personnel:

  • Aeron adheres to norms set by the society and high quality organization principles and modes of action in all its operations.
  • Aeron adheres to the Pollution Control Norms stated by Government bodies and follows its principles.
  • Aeron provides products and services which are according to the requirements of our customers
  • We look for a long-term relation with innovative solutions, mutually beneficial to both parties
  • We continuously work on developing our products and operations to be able to offer competitive edge to our clients.
  • The principle of team work precedes all our operations. Team building and leadership qualities are promoted
  • Every employee is responsible for performing his work as well as for achieving the team's objectives
  • Support to all colleagues is given for the best output and this co-operation includes all operations and business units without organisation restrictions.