Design Service

... providing long lasting & new age “GREEN” solution to ageing Infrastructure.

We approach "DESIGN" : A problem solving path that uses methodologies and facets. Our methodology, an inter-disciplinary activity: market research, observation, brainstorming, cognition, ergonomics, form study help us generate concepts, develop the solutions for the clients' requirements, then validate and produce prototypes. These concepts developed are not mere illustrations but real and practical. They also meet all the international and domestic regulations, which form the inputs for developing engineering details and tolerances.

Manufacturing companies are constantly challenged to introduce more efficient products with reduced costs and increased products' lifecycle. Our Engineering Design Services teams use CAD, CAE tools to engineer products, develop tolerances and dimensions, analysis, simulate respectively to meet specifications, simultaneously reduce time-to-market and development costs while helping clients meet their requirements.

The product development life cycle for various products - industrial design, engineering design, CAD modeling and detailing, to simulation, analysis and prototyping, product testing, tooling and manufacturing.