FRP Trefoil Clamps / Cable Cleats

… providing long lasting & new age “GREEN” solution to ageing Infrastructure

AERON Trefoil Clamps / Cable Cleats are used for laying single core cables in Trefoil touching formation which helps to maintain magnetic symmetry thereby avoiding electromagnetic heating and loss of current.

AERON Trefoil clamps have been manufactured by molding process from Virgin Glass Filled materials. Glass filled materials are used to increase the flexibility of the clamp & to avoid the breaking the clamps from the hook while the tightening procedure of the three single core cables.


Trefoil clamps are used for high voltage single core or higher sizes cables where the current rating is high & 3 core cables are not available.

FRP trefoil clamps are suitable for supporting single core PVC/ HDE, XLPE, XLPE insulated aluminium, un- armoured, earth and un earth power cables from 1. 1 kv to 132 kv grade. 3 phase AC circuits in trefoil formation in generation stations, sub-stations, thermal power stations, switchgear plants , industrial installation, terminal kits, and straight through jointing kits etc. these can be used for indoor or outdoor for vertical or horizontal running cables inside trenches or on racks / galleries.

Three single core cables are fixed in to the Trefoil clamps by means of Bolts, Nuts & Washers are commonly SS hardware or MS Zinc passivated, which depends upon the Customer’s request. Aluminum Trefoil Clamps can also be supplied as per Customer’s Requirements.

Advantages of Aeron Trefoil Clamps

High Mechanical Strength

  • Long Life as not affected by Atmosphere, Chemicals & Acids.
  • Reduce Breaking chances of Hooks due to Glass filled Nylon material.
  • Avoids electromagnetic heating and loss of current.
  • Some Variation of cable diameter also can be fixed easily & gives the good mechanical strength due to its special Design.

Required Tests for Trefoil Clamps

  • Aeron Trefoil Clamps / Cable Cleats has been tested satisfactorily at CPRI to withstand 50 KA short circuit fault current with spacing between Trefoil clamps kept at one meter distance.
  • Centre distance between Trefoil clamps can be increased for lower fault level than 50 KA & hence total requirements of clamps can be reduced thereby reduction in cost.
Current Range of Trefoil Clamps
Model No. Min in mm Max in mm CC of Mounting Holes in mm
ATC 03 16.0 19.0 110
ATC 04
ATC 05 23.5 26.5 110
ATC 06
ATC 08 31.0 34.0 110
ATC 10
ATC 14 42.0 44.0 110
ATC 16
ATC 21 47.5 50 140
ATC 24
ATC 28 54.1 57.2 140
ATC 30
ATC 35 60.4 63.5 180
ATC 37
ATC 39 67 69 180
ATC 43
ATC 50 76 80 180
For sizes not listed above please contact us.

Aeron Trefoil Clamps are supplied with bolts, nuts & washers which are generally MS Zinc passivated, SS hardware can be supplied against specific requirement.

Single Clamp

Aeron also offers range of FRP single clamps/ Cable Cleats. Sizes available from 42mm to 120mm cable Diameter.

Model No. Min. Max.
ASC 16 Ø 42mm Ø 46mm
ASC 26 Ø 52mm Ø 56mm
ASC 30 Ø 57mm Ø 60mm
ASC 40 Ø 64mm Ø 70mm
ASC 75 Ø 85mm Ø 105mm
ASC 90 Ø 112mm Ø 120mm
For sizes not listed above please contact us.

Supplied with MS zinc passivated hardware with optional Hardware available in hot dip galvanized or SS 304/ 316

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