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... providing long lasting & new age “GREEN” solution to ageing Infrastructure.

Our FRP cable support systems are ideal for locations where the metallic systems get easily corroded (Iron forms rusty layer and Aluminium makes white or silver greyish patina). Aeron GRP cable ladders and GRP FRP cable trays are made on fully automated heavy duty plant. Our cable trays meet stringent Fire retardant requirements.

Our cable support systems are available in two types- Ladder cable tray and perforated cable tray. These are good replacement of those cable trays that easily get corrode, spread heat and erode.


iconAnti Corrosion iconHigh Strength iconNo Earthing iconGood Electrical Insulation iconU.V. Resistant iconEasy to Install iconNon Toxic iconLow Thermal Conductivity

Aeron Cable Management Systems are available in Ladder type cable tray and perforated type cable tray.



FRP Coupler Plates, FRP Expansion Plates , FRP Angle Plates, FRP Adjustable Splice Plates (Vertical & Horizontal), FRP Hold Down Clip, FRP/SS Hold Down Clamp, FRP Cover Clamps, Trefoil Clamp, Cable Ties, Blind Plates, Divider Strips, SS Fish plate and Hardware.

FRP GRP Cable Tray Fittings

Aeron GRP FRP cable trays are manufactured for a comprehensive array of cable management requirements. Created from glass armoured thermoset fire resistant resins, our each cable support system is designed and manufactured with sturdy metals, mostly steel and aluminium, excluding their corrosion, electrical conductivity and weight problems.

Aeron supplies FRP GRP cable trays in varied sizes along several fittings like bends, tees, cross, reducers, etc. for every large or small project. Leading the industry with extensive collection of covers and fittings, Aeron has become premium FRP/GRP tray manufacturing company in India. We also offer cable duct fittings to our esteemed users.


GRP Covers and Cover Fittings

Our GRP covers and cover fittings range is compatible with covering tanks that are used for storing water, waste water and other distinct chemicals. Designed in sorts of shapes- circular, rectangular or square, our GRP covers share identical properties like light-weight, weather resistant, and chemical resistant. GRP cover fittings like access hatches, inspection hatches, ladders, hand rails and walkways can be incorporated according to user requirement.

Aeron is a pioneer India based GRP FRP tray manufacturer in the industry. Besides GRP covers and cover fittings, we also manufacture FRP cable duct in any size as per the client’s requirement. Our FRP cable duct and fittings are manufactured in our equipped manufacturing unit that empower us to construct special fitting sizes, shapes, transitions, etc.


Coupler Plate / Splice Plate

Aeron Composite offers best quality coupler plates and splice plates.

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GRP FRP Perforated Cable Tray Support System

Aeron Provides various support system for Cable trays in GRP, FRP and Metal materials.

Resin Type Resin Base Description Flame spread rating ASTM E84
Type IFR Isopthalic Polyester Industrial Grade Corrosion resistance & fire retardant Class 1, 25 or less
Type I Isopthalic Polyester Industrial Grade Corrosion resistance in acidic environment Non fire retardant
Type V Vinyl Ester Superior Corrosion resistance & fire retardant Class 1, 25 or less


IS 6746 -1994 Specs for Unsaturated Polyester Resin System for Low Pressure Fiber Reinforced Plastics NEMA FG-1 1984-1993 (Current Issue) Specification for Fiberglass Tray System – Loading Characteristics IS 6746 Appendix – K/UL 94 Flame Retardant (Low Flammability/v0)