Maintenance of FRP Ladder Type Cable Trays

Usually ladder type FRP cable trays and channels are intended with robust materials and therefore, requirement of maintenance is less. You need to install them in a correct way to avail their rigid supporting structure for longer life span. In this article, we shall discuss about various tips and steps involved for maintaining FRP ladder type cable trays.

1. Inspection

Cable trays, channels, and ladders generally manufactured and designed to diminish maintenance cost. However, when FRP ladder type cable trays used in the facilities, a bit of maintenance requirement do exists that can be meet by regular inspection. As these equipments can’t be maintained every time, a proper inspection time should be fixed to carry out various checks. These steps can be taken without using any tools; checks can be carried out visually.

The professionals can visually examine all the joints to ensure proper fastening and fixing. If any loose point found, it can be tightened as per the recommendation of the manufacturers. Visual examination of dirt and contaminated foreign objects should also be conducted. Any foul article should be removed immediately.

2. Removal of cables

A good practice involves removal of extra cables from fiberglass reinforced plastic ladder type cable tray or ladder system. It facilitates the loading capacity and ventilation in the entire system. An expert or professional assistance should be considered for removing dead cables from the ladder system.

3. Onsite Repairing

Any damage found in the fiberglass reinforced plastic ladder type cable tray or cable ladder, it is important to repair it for further damage. Broken welds, deformed side rails, or bent ladder rungs are common damages found in FRP ladder type cable trays. Depending upon the requirement, you can either replace the entire component or just get it repair from experts.

These were the crucial points to be considered for maintaining FRP ladder type cable trays. You can suggest any other tips relevant to this content.