Types and Benefits of Fiberglass / FRP Gratings

Fiberglass Reinforced plastic gratings are manufactured by a composite mixture of resin and fiberglass. The reason behind excessive use of Fiberglass gratings in the industries is its numerous benefits. The most important feature is its non-corrosiveness which makes FRP or Fiberglass gratings highly valuable to industrial clients. Consequently, individuals use them in hazardous and corrosive environment. By utilizing fiberglass moulded gratings, the maintenance expenses are brought down easily.


Individuals can use basic tools for installing Fiberglass gratings. These are easy to install and require less manpower. Also, there is no such requirement for welding these gratings during installation. You don’t need to clean it every time or paint it often. Fiberglass gratings don’t need any maintenance or special caring. These are extremely light in weight unlike steel gratings. FRP/ GRP Fiberglass gratings are economical as compared to steel or aluminium gratings.

The non-corrosive and non-conductive features make fiberglass grating more useful and best suited for harsh weather conditions. Power industries and chemical industries can use these gratings in their unit premises. These gratings also offered with an anti-slip feature that prevents any mishaps while walking. There is no risk of falling or skidding over Fiberglass gratings.

These are comfortable for walking and durable products manufactured with quality raw materials. The manufacturers are making several kinds of Fiberglass gratings and make them available in the market for clients. These are:

  • FRP Fiberglass gratings
  • FRP pultruded gratings
  • FRP molded gratings
  • FRP heavy duty gratings

FRP Fiberglass gratings are extensively utilized in walkways, trench covers, stairways, platforms and flooring. Whereas FRP molded gratings are used in chemical industries where oils and chemicals are highly utilized. It is an industrial product that one can avail at lower prices from manufacturers. FRP pultruded gratings are highly used in offshore rig plants, power plants, oil and gas industry and in various architectural structures.FRP heavy duty gratings are suited for water treatment plants, food industries, chemical factories, and more.